Oct 20, 2012

Mike O'Doone - part 3

Hello everybody, as promised here is my story part 3! This is getting exciting and I still don't know where it will end up. The bits and pieces slowly reveal themselves to me and I'm enjoying the process of writing it
It was already around 1 o'clock in the morning when Mike finished with his dinner. At first he thought that a meatloaf and bread would be enough to satisfy his growling stomach, but it still kept complaining.
“Do you still have some of that apple pie left?”
“I must say, you have quite a big stomach for the man of your size.”
“I've seen stranger things than the size of my stomach. You didn't answer my question.”
“Would two big slices be enough for you?”
“We'll see.”
The waiter disappeared behind the door and once again Mike was left alone. This time the fireplace was emitting very little heat, and if someone was still sitting in the dining room...and Mike knew that someone was there...they easily remained unseen. Mike tried to push his eyes to scan the darkness and just as he was getting better at it a sound of opening door made him forget all about the possible danger. He just remembered how hungry he was.
The smell of dough and hot, almost melted apples with cinnamon and sugar topping was incredibly inviting. He put the first slice in his mouth and felt it almost melt on his tongue.
“Compliments to the cook.”
“My wife will be pleased. I must ask you to hurry up, though. It's dangerous to be out on these streets when it's so late. You wouldn't want to be caught by the patrol, right?”
“Good point. How much do I owe you for dinner?”
“It's on the house.”
For the moment Mike thought to take that offer but then changed his mind.
“I prefer to keep my relationships as clean as possible. How much?”
The old man gave him the bill and Mike payed it without blinking. Then he said his goodbyes and stepped out on the cold. The weather made his lungs freeze but for some reason he welcomed it. It felt comforting, clearing his mind, making it a blank sheet of paper. He felt the key in his pocket and pushed it inside the keyhole. It didn't resist. Closing the door he lit the candle that stood on a little table that he found in the attic and brought it downstairs with him. He illuminated the room as much as he could.
“Home sweet home...” He whispered. 

As soon as Mike left the the pub, a shadowy creature that caught Mike's attention stood up and approached the bar.
“He's asking too much questions. He is a threat.”
“And what do we do with threats?” Smiled the waiter.
“We eliminate them!” He said and they both roared with laughter. Mike O'Doone...you better be prepared.

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