Jan 7, 2012

Demystifying dialogues continues

Have you ever "lost" your dialogue? By lost I mean writing a line, and then starting to thoroughy write about the character's emotions that followed that particular line. And by the time you've done it you have no idea what to write in reply, although it was so clear when it was in your head?
Yeah, I've been there before but then I found a way to change it.

Every day I decide what I want to write: the scenery accompanied with emotions or the dialogues. So if I choose the dialogues I take my notebook and I write only dialogues, no matter how much ideas come to me about the accompanying emotions. Why? Because, first, the dialogues come in the moment that is so valuable that I can't risk losing them.

Second, when I transfer my writing to computer I will have all the time in the world to express the emotions behind each line. That way the dialogues stay intact, and they're brilliant and alive.

That's it for today, and in the meantime buy/find a notebook that will make you want to write in it whenever you see it. And have fun with it. Because writing is fun!

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