Nov 12, 2011

Starting off on an adventure

I've always considered writing as something that cannot be done properly unless written with passion. You know, that feeling that you're vibrating through and through, in and out. That feeling that you cannot sleep unless you write something down, and when you go to sleep you dream such intense dreams and then your story is the first thing you think of in the morning. I've found great pleasure in writing just for myself, to ease that fever that I was feeling.
Then some things happened in my personal life and I've stopped writing. The flame that was burning inside of me disappeared. It got washed away. I didn't feel the need to write almost anything at all. And if I did sit down to write, it would all turn out to be just some words on the paper with no meaning whatsoever. It repeled me. I was disappointed with myself for feeling the way I did.
Being sick of all these feelings I've decided to rekindle my passion. It is in the end what makes me feel like I can do everything that I want. It gives me strength and power to channel whatever emotion is in me at any given time. It became my therapy, my passion. It was like returning to your one true love!

It didn't happen straight away; it took a lot of time to make that shift from I-can't-write-anything to hey-I-did-it-again feeling. There was this one book in particular that helped me, which I will tell you later about. It has numerous of excellent techniques to work out your writing skills and that helped me start working on my very first ebook. It is my intention to regularly write one assignment to the next from that book, and share with you. And I hope for constructive criticizm and honest opinions about my writing.

Of course, any one of you can join me. Let's have some fun guys!

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